Tunstall Personal Alarm Systems

Far West HACC Services Inc. is an installer of the Tunstall Personal Alarm Systems.   The Tunstall units are personal emergency alarms which include a base unit which connects into the houses telephone and electricity ports and a pendant button which is worn around the client’s neck which they can then press in the case of an emergency.   When activated the alarm will place a call through to a 24 hour monitoring centre to whom the client can then express their concerns.  Based on the severity of the emergency the monitoring centre will then contact either one of  nominated responders or emergency services.   In the case where contact cannot be made with the client after the alarm is activated emergency services will be notified immediately as well as one of the nominated responders.

Clients are to complete a personal details and payment form and return it to this office for processing  and set up.  A form is available on this website, or alternatively you may visit our premises at 475 Argent Street to collect a form. The installation charge for these units is $65.00 billed by Far West Hacc Services Inc. and the monthly monitoring charge is currently $30.90 and must be either direct debited from a nominated bank account each month or credit card.

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