CTP Outreach

Community Transport Program (CTP) is a service for outlying Broken Hill areas clients to assist with transport to Broken Hill for referred medical appointments and or treatment.  Escorts of the eligible patients will receive the CTP Outreach funds to reimburse them for their travelling expenses only.

CTP Outreach forms are required to be completed in order for the escorts of eligible patients to receive the CTP Outreach funds when they are referred to Broken Hill for medical appointments and or treatment.

This form also is required to be completed by the referring doctor as well as the treating doctor for the patient and the escort.

To be eligible,  the patient must be unable to transport themselves relying on a registered escort to transport them into Broken Hill.   If a patient meets the criteria, all the forms required must be completed correctly for processing purposes or they will not be processed.  The escort (not the patient) can claim an amount per km which ensures that they are reimbursed for their return trip travelling costs.

The escort must be registered with Far West HACC Services in order to claim any reimbursement prior to any transport being delivered.

Escort Registration

To register, you will be required to supply the following;

  • Current driver’s license
  • Phone number
  • Postal address
  • Escort usually provides their own vehicle for transport

CTP Reimbursement Forms are available on this site. For further information regarding this, please contact this office on (08) 8087 4284.